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Deploy session backends without building infrastructure.

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docker build . -t hello-app-image
Successfully built 33fe99c5649e
Successfully tagged hello-app:latest
jamsocket push hello-app hello-app-image
Using default tag: latest
The push refers to repository [jamcr.io/paul/hello-app]
5c4dd8c6a493: Pushed
6150b9c49004: Pushed
e83d4114481d: Pushed
0b3d0512394d: Pushed
5b1fa8e3e100: Pushed
jamsocket spawn hello-app # or spawn via API
  "url": "https://mppsk.jamsocket.run/",
  "name": "mppsk",
  "ready_url": "api.jamsocket.com/ready/mppsk/",
  "status_url": "api.jamsocket.com/backend/mppsk/status"
Build your app with Docker
Push your app to Jamsocket
Spawn instances by API

Stateful Backends

Jamsocket lets you spin up stateful backends on the fly, making hard things easy.

Real-time collaboration

Share backends between users to build multiplayer collaboration that scales effortlessly.

Data-intensive apps

Add dedicated server-side compute to your app to put stateful compute closer to the data.

Developer tools

Run a development toolchain for every user of your application.

Want to learn more? Read our blog post about session-lived backends.

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